[htdig] how to defind word

Subject: [htdig] how to defind word
From: Prisda Gomutputra (prisda@loxinfo.co.th)
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 10:51:20 PDT

I am currently trying to fine tuning Ht://dig to be able to work with Thai
(8bit) language more accurately. I can get it to work fine but the accuracy
of the search is not highly relavent since Thai lanuage does not have space
to separate words. Space is only used to seperate sentences.

For example, a sentense in English "this is tesRt1. this is test2", it would
be written in thai as follow "thisisteRst1. thisistest2"
1) Is there a way to tell ht://dig to be able to identify the words and
index them properly?
2) when the words are combided togeter with out space in between, it
intorduc a new problem such as the example above, "thiSISTERst1". When user
search for a word "sister", "thiSISTERst1" will be returned too. is there
a way to prevent this problem from happening?

Highly appreciated

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