Re: [htdig] digging documents by date?

Subject: Re: [htdig] digging documents by date?
From: Edmond Abrahamian (
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 15:12:27 PDT

On Sat, 24 Jun 2000, Geoff Hutchison wrote:

> >I suppose if all this fails, I can ask htsearch to return the
> >results sorted by date...
> Obviously you can already do this. :-)
> Of course if you're willing to write a wrapper of some sort, you
> could sort the results by date and then have the wrapper stop
> displaying after the specific date.

Sure, although I consider this to be a temporary band-aid. The reason
is that the subset of 'recent' documents is much, much smaller than
the entire set of documents, so if I could tell htdig to dig sites
but only get the latest articles, the 'frequent articles' db could
end up much smaller, and I could re-create it frequently with cron.
Digging time could be reduced considerably as well, as htdig would
not bother to get docs that are older than the specified time.

Also, sorting by date gets you the data you need, but ruins sorting
by score, meaning that you would present users with essentially
an unordered list from their point of view, unless I were willing to
include the numeric score in the output and re-sort everything based
on score after I've determined the cutoff point.

I may have a look at htdig and see how hard it would be to patch it...



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