[htdig] indexing problems

Subject: [htdig] indexing problems
From: Steven Lax (diglist@dsm-corp.com)
Date: Sat Jun 24 2000 - 10:37:06 PDT

Hello All,

I'm having a problem indexing a virtual host on my server. When I run
htdig -vvv, it returns the following:

New server: test.mydomain.com, 80
Unable to build connection with test.mydomain.com:80
pick: test.mydomain.com, # servers = 1

When I tested with www.htdig.org, it indexed fine, as it did with my main
host. (The one defined in the body of the httpd.conf rather than within a
VirtualHost directive)

When I index from another host (remote) it also worked fine and all of the
appropriate pages are listed.

Any help is appreciated.


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