[htdig] stmAAA* files - ???

Subject: [htdig] stmAAA* files - ???
From: Andreas Hudzieczek (andreas@star.informatik.rwth-aachen.de)
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 13:57:03 PDT

Hi all!

I have successfully built a database (htdig 3.1.5, sol 2.6) using the standard rundig script.
After that I was also happy with using the rundig script again (just removing the -i opt of htdig) for update indexing a couple of times. Now I had to kill the process the last time because cron set it off too early (my blame), and a subsequent time this happens:

In the database dir, there are lots of stmAAA* files hanging around, all created a few minutes later than the last successful (or not successful ?) call of rundig.
In addition to that, the same dir also has a db.wordlist.new empty file (i.e. 0 bytes) in it, with a timestamp just a minute before (!)last call of rundig.

I really have no idea of what might be going on.
I do not use the alternate working files.

Also, when I look up the processes (using the ps cmd) I see htnotify having been startet the same time rundig had been startet. It appears that htdig and htmerge are not called up at all by rundig, because there should be error messages as a always run everything in verbose mode (and I am used to the output of htdig just a few minutes (at the most) after I start rundig).

It would be great if anyone had anything...

Greetz and many thanx,

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