[htdig] combined words

Subject: [htdig] combined words
From: Reich, Stefan (Stefan.Reich@dgn-service.de)
Date: Mon Jun 19 2000 - 07:31:52 PDT

Hello HTDIGs ;-)

Here's another problem on my way to metatag-name aware search.

Is there an option to tell htsearchs suffix algorithm, that some words are
part of combined words?

One example:

there is a german word "arzt" (doctor) which can be combined with the word
"helfer" (assistant).

So the new word is "arzthelfer" (doctors assistant ;-)

I want the suffix algorithm to use all allowed extensions of "helfer" for
"arzthelfer" too, but I don't want to put arzthelfer itself into the
german.0 database.

So can I tell htdig, that some worts are the the leading part of combined



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