Re: [htdig] trying to figure out -a and merging

Subject: Re: [htdig] trying to figure out -a and merging
From: Geoff Hutchison (
Date: Thu Jun 15 2000 - 21:24:51 PDT

At 11:53 PM -0400 6/15/00, Clint Gilders wrote:
> > Since I prefer to run update digs, I keep some of the .work files
> > around. See at <>
>I have already downloaded your script. I will try it soon.
>Is there any reason why I couldn't use Perl to write scripts like rundig
>etc.. I am much more proficient in Perl.

No, of course not. Of course some things are easier in shell script
because you don't have to escape certain things with system() calls.
But many people write command-line scripts in Perl.

It's also better from a package maintainer-standard to use shell
scripts because everyone has a shell, but not everyone has Perl.

(If you do write a rundig-like script in Perl, please consider
contributing it. I think several of us would be interested in it
simply for variety.)


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