Re: [htdig] searching uncompleted words

Subject: Re: [htdig] searching uncompleted words
From: Michael Pfennich (
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 07:47:00 PDT


> When I search the word "newbie" I get the correct results.
> But when I search "the word "newbi" I don't get any search.

this is done by the search_algorithm "prefix"
--> the max number of words (with the same beginning),
         htdig will search for is given by max_prefix_matches
--> if you always wanna use prefix matches, give
        (empty, if you fill in eg. * then you will get an hit,
        if you search for newbi* )

> "matka" (means travel) and "puhelin" (means phone). So I'd want htdig to
> find word "matkapuhelin" if I search with word "puhelin".

thats done by adding "substring" to the search_algorithm in the
--> but be warned, it slows down the search enourmously, when searching
    common substrings !!!

(My search_algorithm looks like this:
        search_algorithm: exact:100 synonyms:30 prefix:0.5 endings: 0.1

--> for more info, look for search_algorithm in

hope it helped

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