[htdig] searching uncompleted words

Subject: [htdig] searching uncompleted words
From: Peter Peltonen (peter.peltonen@northfive.fi)
Date: Wed Jun 14 2000 - 07:10:14 PDT

I have htdig 3.1.5 running on my RH 6.2 server.

When I search the word "newbie" I get the correct results.

But when I search "the word "newbi" I don't get any search. And I really
would like htdig to find newbie with the search word newbi, because in
Finnish we have a lots of words that are connected together... Like the
word "matkapuhelin" (cellular phone in Finnish) is made of two words
"matka" (means travel) and "puhelin" (means phone). So I'd want htdig to
find word "matkapuhelin" if I search with word "puhelin".

Any ideas how to do this?


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