[htdig] Bad File Types

Subject: [htdig] Bad File Types
From: Emran.Jafree@intelsat.int
Date: Mon Jun 12 2000 - 13:59:40 PDT


I downloaded the following files,

parse_doc.pl.gz, conv_doc.pl.gz, htparsedoc.gz, xpdf-0.80-deltax.patch.gz,
and xpdf-0.80-rawdump.patch.gz

from the htDig website but none of them can be unzipped. On executing the
following command,

gunzip parse_doc.pl.gz

the message, "Not a gunzip file" is returned (the same message is returned
for the rest of the files). I tried changing the extensions to *.tar & using
tar -xvf, but it too didn't work. Where can get the correct files from?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Emran Jafree

Emran Jafree
Intern SCO-Training & Intranet Services
emran.jafree@intelsat.int <mailto:emran.jafree@intelsat.int>
http://www.intelsat.int <http://www.intelsat.int>

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