[htdig] Infinite loop problem with htdig

Subject: [htdig] Infinite loop problem with htdig
From: Joe Baker (jbaker@aiusa.org)
Date: Fri Jun 09 2000 - 13:32:39 PDT


I am having trouble with htdig. It was installed by our former webmaster, who
hasn't been replaced yet. I was asked to take a look, but don't have any
experience with the package. They were running an older version, so I installed
3.1.5 alongside but am having the same problems. The server is running linux
and Apache.

Problem 1) htdig seems to be getting into an infinite loop, bouncing back and
forth between directories, creating links like the following,


The actual directories are /home/aiusa/public_html/countries/colombia/actions
and /home/aiusa/public_html/countries/colombia/actions

htdig just runs until it exceeds quota.

I don't understand how the index.html gets buried in the link. I saw a similar
 problem with the older version

Problem 2) Our site is actually hosted on icomm.ca, so htdig doesn't seem to
recognize that links are local, and is doing an
http call on every link (at least this is what appears to be happening from a
quick read of the code, and running under verbose),
which means it is running very slowly. It ends up timing out on a lot of good
links, and returning "not found".
We are just trying to index our own server. Is there a fix for this? A
configuration option that I'm missing?

Thanks for any help/suggestions. I've tried to look through the documentation
and old messages on the list, but haven't come
up with anything.


Joe Baker
Grassroots Advocacy Director (I was a tech guy in a former life, but I am very
Amnesty International

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