[htdig] Problem in HTDig 3.2b2?

Subject: [htdig] Problem in HTDig 3.2b2?
From: Ravindra Wankar (rwankar@iname.com)
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 10:07:26 PDT

In the db.worddump file, (created with htdig -t) the value in the
"flags" column for
words that appears in the meta description tags is the same as that for
those in title.

The flags column is "2". Shouldn't this be "16" as defined in

This seems to affect the results of htsearch as the "factors" defined
for the meta description and title fields is different.

BTW, what are the effects on htdig if the html files are not
"clean" e.g. have missing tags etc?

-- Ravi.

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