[htdig] Getting URL names to show up in index.

Subject: [htdig] Getting URL names to show up in index.
From: naughton@domino.danielwoodhead.com
Date: Mon Jun 05 2000 - 07:21:22 PDT

I hope this is a simple one. I am trying to have URL names show up in
search results. I have thousands of files that are in the following


I would like to get hits on 123456. The following is the way I have the
htdig.conf setup

#extra_word_characters: _
allow_numbers: true
valid_punctuation: .-/!#$%^&' #(I left out the "_")
case_sensitive: false
create_url_list: yes

I checked the file /var/lib/htdig/db/db.urls, and they're all there, but
htsearch doens't find them.

My only workaround is a cron job that makes and HTML file with all the URLs
and links in it. It's a pretty crappy workaround.

Any tips would be appreciated.


Dan Naughton

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