[htdig] Parsing htsearch results

Subject: [htdig] Parsing htsearch results
From: Ravindra Wankar (rwankar@iname.com)
Date: Thu Jun 01 2000 - 18:20:30 PDT

Say u wanted to search a product catalog, and the result is a list of
products formatted in a table matching u'r search criteria. Not a bunch
of links.

a) The searchable data need not be "HTML" i.e does not have HTML tags.
b) The htsearch results need to be parsed (e.g. fetch product warranty
based on product id) and then formatted before the user sees it.

e.g. a product sheet could be
    <id = ".....">
    <name = "....">
    <description = ".....">

If I index data like this, is there a way to get the "product id" field
when a product matches a search criteria?

How does one do this? Any examples?

-- Ravi.

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