[htdig] Unable to open word list file ...Hmm -- A new twist?

Subject: [htdig] Unable to open word list file ...Hmm -- A new twist?
From: hsinclai (hsinclai@linux1091.dn.net)
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 18:24:24 PDT

Hi folks,

After reading many messages re the possible reasons for

"Unable to open word list file /your/path/tothis/wordlist.db"

none (that I found so far) seem to be the problem I have:

I am keeping several sites indexed, and the databases live in separate
directories. Each site has its own configuration file, and is indexed
nightly by separate scripts in my /etc/cron.daily (this is Linux)

Everything has been going perfectly for 2 weeks or so, every night the
indexes are updated, new files are created, searches work (they find new
material and reflect changes), and the errorlogs for the scripts are 0
bytes, as should be (stderr is dumped out via 2&>1 >> myfile.somewhere).

Suddenly one night they don't run and htmerge spits out the message in the
log file. The databases are gone, and only a .new file is in each

I didn't touch a thing... There was mention (by Geoff H.) about htmerge
not wanting to step on a running copy. I'm thinking it's a mistake to put
the jobs as scripts in the cron directory -- the server is so fast (dual
P700) and the disk I/O so fast, and the net connection is so fast that the
second job might be starting before the first one finished. Or something
like that.

Can anyone corroborate?

Many regards,


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