RE: [htdig] PLEASE HELP ME !!

Subject: RE: [htdig] PLEASE HELP ME !!
From: Simon Hyde - (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 12:08:54 PDT


I ran the htsearch script from the cgi-bin directory on my server after
installing the app, and it worked fine, or seemed to !!

When I last asked my server people the advised me of the proper cgi-bin
directory, (which was not there), so I created.
I chmod the file with the 777 command.


Simon Hyde Ltd

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Subject: Re: [htdig] PLEASE HELP ME !!

You are correct. The htsearch works correctly at the prompt because
you are using the "real" version. When run from a post or get
command, it goes to the cgi directory which seems to contain a
"corrupt" version. Find out from the Network Administrator where the
TRUE cgi directory is located and have them put the "real" htsearch in
there, then your search page will work correctly.

I found this out on my website where the "real" cgi-bin is located on
the external site and I was trying to figure out why the internal site
search wouldn't work. I had to build two sets of config files and run
them both with the one htsearch script.

Good Luck,
Doug Davis

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