Re: [htdig] More Load balancing

Subject: Re: [htdig] More Load balancing
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Wed May 31 2000 - 11:29:59 PDT

According to Terry Luedtke:
> I'm a little confused. Can't you just have htdig start at
> Since it starts at www, not www1 or www2, won't the
> following (host relative) addresses all be www? That is what we are
> doing here, (albeit using local_urls for speed).

Yes, for host-relative addresses, it will stick to the hostname that
you start with. However, all it takes is a single explicit reference
to www1 or www2 to cause htdig to index those servers using the unwanted
addresses. Of course, if is the only server you want to
index, and you can safely ignore explicit references to other servers
(i.e. you won't miss out on indexing some pages you want, just because
of the incorrect reference), then you can set limit_urls_to to index
only and nothing else.

When you need to index multiple hosts in your domain, or if you need to
correct some incorrect hrefs, then server_aliases can be a big help.

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