RE: [htdig] htdig 3.1.6 ?

Subject: RE: [htdig] htdig 3.1.6 ?
From: NEPOTE Charles (Neuilly Gestion) (
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 09:20:54 PDT

According to Gilles Detillieux:

> According to "NEPOTE Charles (Neuilly Gestion)":
> > Joe R. Jah wrote to Gilles Detillieux:
> > > P.S. There are already over 18 patches for 3.1.5; any interest in
> > > releasing a 3.1.6?
> >
> > Yes, yes, yes !
> > If you want to, I will try to make
> htdig-3.1.6-0mandrake.i586.rpm (at least
> > I will test it).
> > Would you add also export LC_ALL=C to the rundig script to
> prevent many
> > users from the sort problem of accented words ?
> > [oh please, come on Geoff, come on Gilles ;-)].
> No, no, no!

[... and you also wrote in another message ...]

> I haven't seen any of the issues discussed about 3.1.5
> to be so serious as to warrant yet another release - at least not yet.

To be open to other languages seems to me as serious as a security hole.
Thousands of users are concerned by the accent patch. (I hope you will not
be tired about hearing my complain ;-).

> If I have the time in the next two weeks, or in
> early July,
> I may put together a new 3.1.5 RPM that has some of the better patches
> in it, and you can rebuild that on Mandrake to add to our collection.
> (Note that none of those patches included documentation updates to
> describe the added features, so none are "release-ready".) If I'm
> really bored, I may even include rundig and max_page_buttons patches.

Thank you very much if so.

> > If 3.2 release will take many month as Geoff said, why not
> built a new
> > version based on 3.1.5. (Just think about newbies as I am,
> not familiar with
> > patch operations...).
> Because the more time we waste on 3.1.x, the less time we have to work
> on 3.2. I don't want to make 3.1 seem a more attractive option than
> 3.2, and discourage potential beta testers. Getting good, solid, and
> documented features in 3.2 should be our priority, otherwise
> we'll just
> keep pushing back the release date.

I understand.
I use ht://Dig 3.1.5 on a production system : thus I am not discouraged to
beta test 3.2 (see my reports).
And for the moment I can't think about upgrade to 3.2 since the index time
is about 14 hours with 3.2.0b2 compare to 3 hours with 3.1.5. I am very
interested by other features of 3.2 (phrase searching and so on) but the
time process is too big to think about it. So I would prefer 3.1.5 with
basic features (accent patch included -- it is a basic feature for all
serious search engine tool) but with a correct time process.

Thus, I am ready to test speed improvment of 3.2.

Best regards,
Charles NÚpote.

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