Re: [htdig] (3.1.5) Missing [Next] in the 10th page

Subject: Re: [htdig] (3.1.5) Missing [Next] in the 10th page
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 08:29:21 PDT

According to Joe R. Jah:
> On Sat, 27 May 2000, Gilles Detillieux wrote:
> > This has been discussed as PR#731 & PR#781 in the bugs database.
> > The change was introduced in 3.1.4, to enforce the max_pages attribute
> > as per earlier bug reports, and it would require adding another attribute
> > (e.g. max_page_buttons) to reintroduce the old behaviour.
> Thank you Gilles; How about a patch for 3.1.5;^)
> P.S. There are already over 18 patches for 3.1.5; any interest in
> releasing a 3.1.6?

I will consider adding this attribute to 3.2.0b3, once I get in the other
changes I was going to work on. Adding attributes to 3.2 is much easier
than 3.1, because of the automatic attribute documentation generation.

As for the possibility of a 3.1.6 release, as I've done most of
the maintenance work on the 3.1.x branch since 3.1.3, I guess it's
my decision. I haven't seen any of the issues discussed about 3.1.5
to be so serious as to warrant yet another release - at least not yet.
The time of most of the developers (myself included) seems to be at a real
premium these days, so I really don't want to distract anyone from the
needed work on 3.2, to add what I'd consider "window dressing" to 3.1.
For myself, I have two more weeks before I leave on a 3 week vacation,
so the little bit of time I may have to work on ht://Dig before July,
I'd much rather spend on some much needed work on 3.2.

My goal for 3.1 was to get it to a stable state for production systems
to keep them going until 3.2 is stable enough to take over that role.
I think I've reached that goal, and if a small handful of users need
to add a few patches to get it to work the way they want, so be it.
Of the 18 patches I've looked at in the archive, there are only about 7
or 8 that I've considered solid and general enough to go into the next
release, and I think the time of the developers would be better spent
getting these patches ported to 3.2 rather than furthering the 3.1 branch.

If a serious flaw in 3.1 is discovered before 3.2 seems to be a viable
replacement on production systems, then I'd reconsider. That's what
happened in February when I discovered the file expansion vulnerability
in htsearch's input parameter handling, prompting the 3.1.5 release
which I hadn't been considering until then.

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