[htdig] title_factor and keywords_factor

Subject: [htdig] title_factor and keywords_factor
From: Alain FORCIOLI (aforcioli@risc.fr)
Date: Mon May 29 2000 - 05:38:05 PDT


I've a misunderstanding about htsearch *_factor directives.

For the majority of search requests on my web site, words in the TITLE
or <META NAME=keywords ...> must have the highest weight.

So i've set the following *_factor directives.

title_factor: 10000
keywords_factor: 10000
heading_factor: 100
backlink_factor: 0
date_factor: 0
description_factor: 0
meta_description_factor: 0

*_factor which are not setted keep their default value.

Here are two attached HTML documents that are indexed (A.html and
B.html). Both (A and B) have words "world press freedom day" in their
TITLE tag. Only B have these words in his <META NAME=keywords ...>

I would like to understand why A is listed before B in the search
result. Since B (TITLE + META) must have a higher score than A (TITLE

Search method is : All
Search request is : world freedom press day
sort is by : score.



Thanks for your explanation.


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