Re: [htdig] tree

Subject: Re: [htdig] tree
From: Geoff Hutchison (
Date: Fri May 26 2000 - 05:21:05 PDT

At 9:23 AM +0200 5/26/00, Dominick Vansevenant wrote:
>how can I manage to make a search on a complete directory tree of a website.
>However, all files are separate and have no hyperlinks linking them?

To quote from a message 4 hours later...
Basically, you want to make a directory tree on-the-fly.

At 1:48 PM +0200 5/26/00, Marcel Hicking wrote:
>Ah, well, sure, too easy to hide it ;-)
>find /www/htdocs/ -name *.htm* -type f | sed 's/\/www\/htdocs/htt
>p:\/\/www\.yourdomain\.com/' > /where/ever/you/need/it/allfiles.list
>Limits the filetype to any *.htm* files (and ignores
>directories named "foo.html") so you don't end up with
>tons of image files in the file list.
>In my config file I have:
>start_url: `/where/ever/you/need/it/allfiles.list`
> (Note: this does not have to be within the htdocs tree)
> If you have server parsed html (like php), you certainly
> would won't use local_urls, although it speeds things up
> quite a bit.
> Maybe you would also like to add
>limit_urls_to: ${start_url}
> as well.

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