[htdig] Indexing question.

Subject: [htdig] Indexing question.
From: Wayne Fool (wfool@ProgressLighting.com)
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 13:00:00 PDT

I just installed ht://Dig, and like it a lot. I am at a loss on how to
build the database for my application. I run a test lab and do testing.
All of our tests are stored on an intranet website by log number. The file
naming scheme is like 98006.ies, 99165.ies, or 2000135.ies (year + log
number .ies is a lighting file) or 2000123-1-2.pdf (year+log number-test
number-sample number) The IES files index correctly, but the pdf files are
rejected when the database is built.

I have put the external parser in the htdig.conf file to use the xpdf
pdftotext program, but cannot get the pdf files to index at all. I have
verified the program locations are correct. I also set the allow_numbers
parameter to true. The htdig -vvv indicates that they are parsed, but they
do not show up. I read the FAQ on this and thought I had it set up ok. Can
someone point me in the right direction? TIA

Wayne Fool

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