Re: [htdig] cookies and session-ids

Subject: Re: [htdig] cookies and session-ids
From: Lim Swee Tat (
Date: Thu May 25 2000 - 05:24:10 PDT

  I'm under the impression that it would be rather trivial to put in the
code for cookies into 3.1.5 since you can put in authorization headers into
the code. Furthermore, since the cookies come in after sending the initial
request, just storing them in memory as per the authorization header should
not be too much to ask for??
  Am I looking at it too trivially??

  Anyway, after spending the nite thinking... It's nite here when you are
having the day there. I decided to change my code rather than to perform
the modification on the dig code base which was on my mind initially... I
can change my code to support basic authentication within hours rather than
spend the same number of hours searching the dig code base to add the
cookies in. I might just help you add that in later... only that I'm
having a tight schedule rite now for my project...

  Thanx for the reply though...

Lim Swee Tat
Software Engineer
NCS Corporate IS Dept
DID: (65) 774 9177

On Wed, 24 May 2000, Geoff Hutchison wrote:

>At 10:11 AM -0400 5/24/00, Lim Swee Tat wrote: >> I just did an implementation of a servlet web application which uses >>session data to track user information. As it is, I came to realize that >>htdig is unable to maintain cookie information. Just want to know if the >>3.2.x release of htdig is able to keep cookie information?? > >Not at the moment. It would be very tricky since there's really no >place to store the cookie in the database. One thought would be to >have a configuration option for a cookie request much like there is >now an authorization attribute. > >Since the 3.2 code has per-server and per-url attribute blocks, you >could specify the cookie for a given group of URLs or server. > >-- >-Geoff Hutchison >Williams Students Online > > >------------------------------------ >To unsubscribe from the htdig mailing list, send a message to > >You will receive a message to confirm this. > >

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