[htdig] cant index .mov files ('Extension is invalid')

Subject: [htdig] cant index .mov files ('Extension is invalid')
From: Darrell Berry (darrellb@hhcl.com)
Date: Wed May 24 2000 - 13:17:27 PDT

i've just upgraded to 3.1.5, both for security reasons, and to play with the
external_parsers command

i've registered an external parser to handle .mov files (video/quicktime)

but htdig doesnt even get to trying...instead, the video files dont even
show up in the logging output unless i go to -vvv, in which case i get
output similar to:

Rejected: Extension is invalid!
url rejected: (level 1

reading thru the archive i see mention of an 'invalid extension bug' but i
cant quite find what this is all about, or whether i've fallen victim to

this happens consitently with all .mov files...

can anyone help?


"may contain small bones" | [hhland : @go 303]

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