[htdig] htsearch not found

Subject: [htdig] htsearch not found
From: IcedSoal (IcedSoal@usa.net)
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 22:36:16 PDT

i'm runnign htdig on my slackware box and my website it self runs outta
a user in my /home directory's address. i run rundig and it makes a
database, i copied the contents of of the /opt/www/htdocs/htdig
directory to my site and everything i did a symbolic to /opt/www/cgi-bin
from the directory where i keep my websites files, but everytime i try
to do a search on the site it gives me this error

The requested URL /cgi-bin/htsearch was not found on this server.

and i know it's tehre, because i can manually go the the cgi-bin
directory and from teh console type htsearch and it asks me for a word
and i get what i want but for some reason it won't work on my page,

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