[htdig] Re: the mysterious "Deleted, no excerpt" problem

Subject: [htdig] Re: the mysterious "Deleted, no excerpt" problem
From: Patrick Robinson (pgr@ramandu.ext.vt.edu)
Date: Tue May 23 2000 - 07:55:52 PDT

> If nulls are invalid within HTML, then it's BBEdit that's at fault.
> In either case, I can't imagine what value these nulls could be, so it's
> probably still a bug in BBEdit that is causing these nulls to appear.

Oh, I definitely think it's BBEdit's fault. All I can figure is that
the original file, which was being editing in BBEdit, may have come
from some other unscrupulous app, like Microsoft Word. So, maybe it's
not *totally* BBEdit's fault -- but I thought it was supposed to be
a text-only editor (I don't know much about it, obviously), so I would
have thought that it would strip out gunk like that, anyway -- even if
it was in the file it started with.


Patrick Robinson
AHNR Info Technology, Virginia Tech

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