[htdig] excluding index-pages

Subject: [htdig] excluding index-pages
From: Andreas Vogt (a_vogt@gaia.de)
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 17:00:00 PDT

Hi everyone,

I've got a mailinglist archiv, which htdig is serching in.

Now, all the messages are listed in some index.html file, while the really
important things (i.e. the mails) are in single files messagexxxx.html.

I want htdig to search the links on that index.html, because these are the
messagexxxx.html, but I don't want to search the text of index.html
(It's like indexing the whole book and also the index and content pages)

If I add index.html to the exclude patterns, not only the text is gone,
but also the text of the hyperlinks.

Probably I missed some configuration setting to fix that, but I don't see
a way to do so.

Any idea how to manage that?


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