[htdig] Re: htdig-3.2.0b2 install

Subject: [htdig] Re: htdig-3.2.0b2 install
From: Geoff Hutchison (ghutchis@wso.williams.edu)
Date: Mon May 22 2000 - 13:53:30 PDT

On Mon, 22 May 2000, Jeff Hill wrote:

> I am just trying to figure out why db.words.db would drop from 675MB in
> version b1 to 124MB in b2 (b2 _seems_ to have indexed the entire server,
> but . . . ).

This time I can say "it's a feature not a bug. " :-) Welcome to the world
of compressed databases. Isn't it great to get more information into less
space than 3.1.x?

> As well, it took quite a while to do a full dig and merge -- just over
> eight hours on a PII400 w/512MB RAM and U2W disk system with hardly any
> load on it.

There are some performance problems with the compressed word databases
right now. Hopefully we're on our way to ironing them out. Obviously you'd
like to have it take up as much load as it can (and use nice to bring it
down as necessary).

One thing to note. "Merging" should take almost no time in 3.2 betas.
The next beta will make this more obvious--htmerge will no longer do
cleanup, but rather just merge database sets.

> With 3.1.x, I used to create a completely new set of
> databases each week rather than update them as I understood it improved
> htsearch performance. I'm assuming that would be true with 3.2.0b2?

This is an interesting piece of urban lore. I create a completely new set
each month to prevent the possibility of corrupted databases. But I don't
know how this would affect htsearch performance at all.

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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