[htdig] Re: Double Metaphone

Subject: [htdig] Re: Double Metaphone
From: KenNorth (KenNorth@email.msn.com)
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 09:05:20 PDT

> Hello,
> I am contacting you because you have implemented or written about my
> 'Metaphone' algorithm. I am pleased to announced that I have been able
> to provide a massive upgrade to the original algorithm.

> -Lawrence Philips


Congratulations on double Metaphone.

There is a Java implementation in DATABASE MAGIC WITH KEN NORTH (Prentice
Hall). An excerpt also appeared in the Database Developer column of Dr.
Dobb's Sourcebook.

The Java version uses a modified version of Metaphone:

The modified algorithm (pg. 96) checks the character following 'SCH' to
determine whether to use a hard or soft consonant. (Schubert and school will
encode differently.) For 'SCHE' (e.g., schedule), the Java version assumes
North American pronunciation, not English.

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