[htdig] Stability of beta, and a couple newbie questions

Subject: [htdig] Stability of beta, and a couple newbie questions
From: Joe Sanderson (Joe.Sanderson@ecora.com)
Date: Fri May 19 2000 - 06:34:40 PDT


I've been using the 3.2.0b2 beta for the last two weeks, and have found
it to be quite stable. I need to make the decision about using this
beta as a site search engine, or to use the latest 3.1 released
version. I'm looking for input on the stability of this beta in order
to make the best decision. I'd like to go with it, for the expression
matching and improvements in match weighting. I've looked at the source
code change comments, and the release notes, but is there a higher level
feature list of "what's new in 3.2"? How far is the 3.2.0 version from
being considered "release" code?

I've built and will be using htdig on Linux only.

I also have a few other newbie questions:

1) I have not been using the incremental (update) index build in htdig,
but have been building the index using the "-i" option each time. How
robust is the incremental index build feature? If a page that was
referenced in the index is deleted, then I rebuild the index
incrementally, will the stale reference still show up in the search
results (provided there's a match)? How does the update work - does it
check the date on all html files indexed, and only re-index files that
have changed since the last index build?

2) (A related question) Does htsearch check for stale links (to pages
that do not exist) in the results?

3) If I use the -i option to htdig, and the databases already exist,
does htdig do a complete rebuild of the index or does it just do an

Thanks for all input. I've been very impressed with the quality of the
htdig code, and the responsiveness of this mailing list.

Joe Sanderson

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