[htdig] Double Metaphone

Subject: [htdig] Double Metaphone
From: Lawrence Philips (lphilips@verity.com)
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 17:16:58 PDT


I am contacting you because you have implemented or written about my
'Metaphone' algorithm. I am pleased to announced that I have been able
to provide a massive upgrade to the original algorithm. An article about
it has been published in the June 2000 version of the C\C++ User's
Journal. Both the article and code for the new version, which I call
Double Metaphone, can be accessed through the magazine's website at
www.cuj.com/home. (Curiously, they have labelled it a 'search
algorithm', which it clearly is not!)

Over the years I have been accumulating complaints about, and noticing
shortcomings in, the original Metaphone algorithm. All is explained in
my article! I hope you find it useful. (Incidentally, those who peruse
it closely will notice that the clause for 'CHIA' really needs to be
subsumed under the general 'CH' clause - I was unable to get this
oversight in the code changed before publication. Any other suggestions
re efficiency, correctness, or compactness will be gratefully recieved!)
Some persons who have made suggestions will find that they get credit in
the source code!

I must thank everybody who has written about Metaphone, especially those
who have said such kind things about it. I am very grateful also to
those who have implemented it so painstakingly!

Metaphone came about because the people at the company I was working at
complained about the accuracy of Soundex. I would therefore be extremely
grateful if anybody could tell me about any text processing problems
that have been bothering them.

Thank you all again - and don't fall in the bit bucket!

-Lawrence Philips

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