[htdig] Weird endings problem

Subject: [htdig] Weird endings problem
From: Alexey Rodriguez (alexey@dicyt.umss.edu.bo)
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 04:33:35 PDT

        Hi, it's me again. I have been trying to solve my endings problem
with spanish ispell dictionaries.
        I will briefly describe the problem:

        I have already setup htdig to use this file as well as the locale
        Then i run htdig, after that i run htfuzzy endings and i had
several "DB2 problem...: missing or empty key value specified" while it
was building root2word and word2root databases.
        It is maybe a broken spanish.aff
        I am checking the source code as well as the ispell files to
understand what's going on.
        If someone can help me please download the file:

        You can use the search engine at:

        Try the word "buscar" at the search engine and check what happens.

        Thanks for your time.

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