RE: [htdig] RE: [Cooker] SORT and locale

Subject: RE: [htdig] RE: [Cooker] SORT and locale
From: NEPOTE Charles (Neuilly Gestion) (
Date: Thu May 18 2000 - 05:10:16 PDT

According to Gilles Detilleux:

> I had incorrectly assumed that the en or en_US locale would
> use different collating data. I've since been able to
> reproduce the problem on Red Hat Linux.
> Red Hat 6.0 didn't have this problem, but 6.1 does.
> It seems that
> the textutils-2.0 introduced the new, locale-aware sort program. All
> debates about design flaws aside, the workaround to this
> problem is to run sort with LC_ALL set to "C", to get the
> correct behaviour from the program.
> So, if you do an "export LC_ALL=C" before running htmerge, it
> should build the database correctly.

Thanks a lot !!

So I had it to my rundig script.
I put "export LC_ALL=C" before htmerge and "export LC_ALL=fr_FR" after

> Fortunately, version 3.2 of ht://Dig does away with external
> sort program, and so it should avoid such problems.

All right. So now, it's no use to discuss furthermore about sort &#@¨!#$ and
so on.
Unfortunatly Pablo and Gilles have not seen all the messages separatly
posted in the mailing lists and :
I hope there won't be confusion about the goal of all that ; the problem is
now solved and future version of htdig should avoid such problems.

To all, much thanks again.

Charles NÚpote.
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