[htdig] Linuxcrawler.org

Subject: [htdig] Linuxcrawler.org
From: James McLaughlin (katana@montrose.net)
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 16:59:29 PDT

Hello all


Earlier this year I purchased a domain name..linuxcrawler.org. I would like
to donate the .org site to the Linux community, and get a group of
developers to work on the site. Of course this would be volunteer
work...but it would be a great contribution to the community, and site that
everyone could use.

Since htdig is one of the better (if not the best) search engines on the net
for local sites, I would like to use the htdig engine for the site. For
advertisment purposes:
----Powered by Htdig

Does that sound good to anyone else? I thought it did. heh :)

Things I can contribute to the cause:
1) Server--about 10 GB's to start...and more added if needed. I would like
to have worldly mirrors of the site if possible.
2) Domain Name
3) Forum
4) Developers email and mailing list.
5) Time :)

People we may need:
Web developers
Programmers (Htdig adjustments)
Site collectors

I hope no one thinks this is spamming...or some %^&* like that...

If you have any ideas or thoughts on this matter...lets talk :)


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