[htdig] %20 chars in visible htsearch output

Subject: [htdig] %20 chars in visible htsearch output
From: Vergonet, Henk (henk.vergonet@ben.nl)
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 03:04:14 PDT

Hi ht://dig people!

How do I get rid of these %20 chars in the (visible) ht search output (see
Is it possible to disable the <space> to %20 translation for url's?

 <font size="-1">05/09/00, 42324 bytes</font>


Henk Vergonet

Henk Vergonet Ben Nederland B.V.
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E-Mail : Henk.Vergonet@ben.nl 2516 EH The Hague
Phone : +31-70-305-5132 The Netherlands
Telefax : +31-70-305-5129 Internet : http://www.ben.nl

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