[htdig] How do I gain control over links inside excerpts?

Subject: [htdig] How do I gain control over links inside excerpts?
From: Søren Hermansen (shr@dmi.dk)
Date: Wed May 17 2000 - 02:26:54 PDT

Hello ht://dig people!

I would like to gain control over a link inside an excerpt.

What I mean is: If the following result of a search is e.g.:

Programming Language Support Reference Manual Chapter 9
    ... , sdb provides a mechanism for examining the source text.
Procedures may be
    called directly from the debugger. This feature is useful both for
_testing_ individual
    procedures and for calling user-provided routines that provide
formatted printouts
    of structured data. A short sample session is included at ...
    28/08-1998, 46311 bytes

Where the word _testing_ is a link to some page (maybe even with a hash
like #overview attached).
How can I manipulate it ? (e.g. in connection with javascript.) I've
already mannaged to do it with the links from the title and link-path
shown in the second last line.

The big idea is that, found pages are setup in the frames they would
have been setup in, if
the page had been referenced in a "normal" manner.

I would appreciate you answer greatly...

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