RE: [htdig] Attention RPM users - quick poll (slightly off)

Subject: RE: [htdig] Attention RPM users - quick poll (slightly off)
From: Stephen L Arnold (
Date: Fri May 12 2000 - 11:21:53 PDT


I didn't use the htdig RPM, precisely because I've had problems such as you describe with other packages (and not because I tried to install the wrong RPM).

I think the state of glibc, the linux kernel, support for libc5, etc, is different between almost all distributions (and different versions of the same distro), and if everything isn't just right between the build system and the one being installed to, you can have strange things happen.

In my experience, these problems all go away when I build from source (normal tarballs), but then I don't get that stuff into the RPM database. If you have an RPM spec file, then you can build an RPM from the src.rpm. Why don't you try a src rpm package with instructions on how to build it? That would probably take care of most problems (except for the operator-error stuff...).

Just my two cents.

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You said:

> So, I'd like all users of the htdig RPMs on the list to please respond
> to this quick poll. This is important, as I need to gauge how much
> these are used, and what level of success folks have had with them.
> I'm starting to get the impression that the RPMs are more trouble than
> they're worth, and may decide no longer to support them

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