[htdig] Implement an htdig-like feature

Subject: [htdig] Implement an htdig-like feature
From: Carey Bunks (cbunks@gimp-savvy.com)
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 19:55:25 PDT

I've just announced a copyright-free photo archive consisting of 15,000
images. The plan is that this archive will be community indexed and will
subsequently be keyword searchable. Since the archive will be indexed
by the community, the choice of keys will be a little irregular. Thus,
I'd like to use an algorithm which matches similar words -- just like
htdig does it.

For example, typing "fish" into htdig produces a search based on the
list: "fish", "fishes", "fisher", "fishing", and "fished". I'd like
to provide this type of capability for the photo archive, but without
using htdig. I was wondering if someone could point me to the
algorithm which describes how the list of words are generated from the
initial key. I already know about stemming and Porter's algorithm, but
this doesn't seem like the right approach.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Carey Bunks

PS The photo archive is located at:


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