Re: [htdig] Make of 3.2.0b2 on HP-UX 11 with aCC fails

Subject: Re: [htdig] Make of 3.2.0b2 on HP-UX 11 with aCC fails
From: Postmaster James B. Byrne (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 14:11:58 PDT

On 5 May 2000, at 12:11, Jesse op den Brouw wrote:

> Stupid question from me: did you try it with GNU CC (gcc).
> I'm running UX 10.20 and htdig runs flawless (that's not to
> say of UX...).

I have not been able to get gcc or g++ to compile properly on
hp-ux 11. They build but they don't produce working software.
 After waiting for a year for the gcc working group to get to hp-
ux I gave up and purchased both ANSI C and aCC from HP.

Nonetheless, I am unable to get htdig 3.20b2 to build on hp-

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