[htdig] Htdig unable to read link

Subject: [htdig] Htdig unable to read link
From: Chad Phillips (gphillip@aafp.org)
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 19:30:45 PDT

My companies web site has some dynamic content that is made by java servlets. I can't seem to get htdig to index the links. It reads the url fine, but says that it is a broken link.

Htdig used to index them fine, but we made some changes to the server and java code and now htdig can't read them. Does anyone have an idea on what is wrong with htdig? or what the servlets may be doing wrong.
Here is what I get:
htdig: www.aafp.org:80 1 document

htdig: Errors to take note of:
Not found: http://www.aafp.org/servlet/mntPress?prhtml=press_list_pub&actioncode=list&category=press Ref: http://:0

HTTP statistics
 Persistent connections : Yes
 HEAD call before GET : No
 Connections opened : 2
 Connections closed : 1
 Changes of server : 0
 HTTP Requests : 2
 HTTP KBytes requested : 0.375
 HTTP Average request time : 0.5 secs
 HTTP Average speed : 0.375 KBytes/secs

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