[htdig] Suse 6.2 + symlinks + htdig 3.1.5

Subject: [htdig] Suse 6.2 + symlinks + htdig 3.1.5
From: Peter L. Peres (plp@actcom.co.il)
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 23:05:06 PDT


I've made my patch and it works as desired (no more loops, indexing
soft-linked directories just fine). Now I have the 'premature end of
headers' problem with htsearch. My patch does not affect htsearch. I have
looked in the archives and run htsearch manually. Here is my output:

root@plp5:/usr/local/httpd/cgi-bin$ ./htsearch -vvvmail -s htdig
Enter value for words: suse
tempWords: 'suse:0 '
Boolean: 'suse:0 '
initial: ''
Fuzzy on: suse
   (null) suse
searchWords: 'suse:0 '
LogicalWords: suse
Pattern: suse
Segmentation fault

Note that my htsearch and plain 3.1.5 htsearch are identical, except I
stripped mine. I also get no core dump so I can't use gdb.

Where do I look now ? (I'll try to strace the thing).


PS: I did try to search for a word that does not exist for sure, and I got
correct headers and a correct error page. I also tried to turn on logging
and got nothing at all in the system logs from htsearch. Yes, I did check
the syslog config, and I have a default bin (log file).

I thought 3.1.5 is production code. No ?

Please respond asap (Gilles ?)

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