[htdig] Portuguese

Subject: [htdig] Portuguese
From: Rodrigo Luiz Anami (rodrigoa@bestway.com.br)
Date: Fri May 05 2000 - 08:45:11 PDT

Hi there;

Anyone has success in configuring htdig with other language like portuguese ?
I have installed htdig on a slackware linux machine for support portuguese
language, but when I look into db.wordlist after running htdig It don't
have some accented word. For example, words like serviço and usuário
appears "serv" and "usu" in db.wordlist. Any ideas ?

PS: I read the FAQ and other documents, and set locale: pt_BR.
Rodrigo Luiz Anami rodrigoa@bestway.com.br
Voz: 736 3721 Cel: 9123 9995 Atendimento ao cliente
Best Way Internet Provider (19) 736 3700 (Campinas)
http://www.bestway.com.br (19) 736 3727 (FAX)
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