[htdig] patch for boolean keywords

Subject: [htdig] patch for boolean keywords
From: Alexey Rodriguez (alexey@dicyt.umss.edu.bo)
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 09:56:33 PDT

        hello people
        I am releasing a patch for choosing boolean keywords from
configuration file. The attribute should look like:

        boolean_keywords: and or not

        If you don't put anything it doesn't matter what is the default
value. For example i use:

        boolean_keywords: y o no

        The error messages are still in english. Any suggestions are
welcome and i expect that i did not break anything. ;)

        Normally, you should apply this patch after accents patch but it
does not really matter. just type "patch -p1 < ../bool_keywords.patch"
when you are in the source tree. Then configure, make, whatever.

        Hope it helps.

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