Re: [htdig] boolean keywords

Subject: Re: [htdig] boolean keywords
From: Gilles Detillieux (
Date: Thu May 04 2000 - 07:49:16 PDT

According to Alexey Rodriguez:
> Hi guys, i need to use spanish boolean keywords. I browsed the faq
> and the source code and found that there is no customization for this
> through htdig.conf. I think that changes for this are trivial but i would
> like to know first if there is already a patch available or if the new
> version of htdig already support this. BTW, i am using htdig 3.1.5 .

No, there is currently no patch available that I know of. About a year or
so ago, someone sent a patch for a much older version, that changed the
English keywords to French (i.e. changed one hard-coded set to another).
I don't know how thorough a job this patch did.

What's really needed is an attribute that lets you specify all the boolean
keywords, and htsearch should use these for both input and output. This,
and the boolean syntax error messages are the last remaining pieces of
htsearch that haven't been internationalized yet.

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