[htdig] indexing multiple web sites

Subject: [htdig] indexing multiple web sites
From: atta dubson (dubson@palicanon.org)
Date: Wed May 03 2000 - 04:09:48 PDT

i want to index several web sites and have them stored in one db.* set of
files, yet i would like to at times reindex only certain sites and update
only that part of the database (or add an additional site to an existing
database) without having to reindex all the sites. what is the best way
to go about that (htdig 3.1.5)?


from the dhammapada:
  By day it is the sun which shines, at night the moon shines forth. A
  warrior shines in his armour, and a brahmin shines in meditation. But at
  all times, by day and by night, the Buddha shines in his glory. 387

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