[htdig] Remove_bad_urls ?!

Subject: [htdig] Remove_bad_urls ?!
From: bs@hi.is
Date: Wed Apr 26 2000 - 04:50:53 PDT

I posted a message here a while back about receiving what seemed to be
random bad_urls (which all were bad urls indeed) in the errors to take note
of in htdig's report. I got the response to put a remove_bad_urls: false
into my conf which I did. Now I have been running htdig with this in the
config and I am still receiving the same random-bad-urls when doing an
update dig.
I'm talking about random-bad-urls since doing an Initial dig returns a
couple of hundred bad urls but doing an update dig returns just a small
part of the bad urls in the initial dig and the errors vary between days
even though links haven't been fixed.
Shouldn't I be receiving all the bad urls every time I do a update since
remove_bad_urls is set to false and has been ever since I did the initial
dig ?
Ref:'s are also getting lost for bad urls .. can anyone explain why that
happens ?
B. Stefansson
University of Iceland Computing Services

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