Re: [htdig] Wrappers and htdig 1.3.5

Subject: Re: [htdig] Wrappers and htdig 1.3.5
From: Jesse op den Brouw (
Date: Sun Apr 23 2000 - 02:41:45 PDT

The semicolon seems to be the default in since version 2.64.

      Version 2.64

      1.Changes introduced in 2.63 broke param() when retrieving
parameter lists containing only
         a single argument. This is now fixed.
      2.self_url() now defaults to returning parameters delimited with
semicolon. Use the pragma
         -oldstyle_urls to get the old "&" delimiter.

So if you are using Perl, al you have to do is install at least
2.64 and
use the indicated pragma.

Edmond Abrahamian wrote:


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