[htdig] Wrappers and htdig 1.3.5

Subject: [htdig] Wrappers and htdig 1.3.5
From: Brandon Bell (bbell@email.com)
Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 17:46:59 PDT

I upgraded to htdig 1.3.5 in February when it came out and I missed this,
or at least the significance of this, in the release notes:

* Made some attempts to get htsearch's output to be more HTML 4.0
compliant. It quotes all HTML tag parameters, and uses ";" instead of "&"
as parameter separator in URLs for next pages. Reserved characters in
parameters are now encoded. Please note that this may break a variety of
CGI wrappers, for example, those written in PHP3.

I'm using a PERL wrapper and GET for my form submission method so I can
analyze what people are searching for. My PERL wrapper handles the initial
search request just fine, but of course chokes big time when you try to
move to another page due to the change in the URL encoding there.

Other than changing my form submission method to POST, and losing the
ability to analyze searches, is there any other workaround that anybody is
using that might help me out?

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