[htdig] QUERY_STRING strange

Subject: [htdig] QUERY_STRING strange
From: Edmond Abrahamian (edmond@tripos.com)
Date: Sat Apr 22 2000 - 16:59:23 PDT


I am using a CGI script that passes QUERY_STRING unaltered to htdig.
The invocation of htdig goes fine, and I get the proper results,
however the results page's section that contains links to the subsequent
pages i.e. prev 1 2 3 ... next contains malformed arguments.
here's an example of what is invoked if I click on page '7':


where 's' is the script I mentioned above. Notice that there are ';' instead
of '&' as separators. so now a standard CGI program will take 'config' to
contain the entire string "exact;method=and;words=potato;page=7"

Is there a config switch for this, or am I doing something wrong?



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