Re: [htdig] Fatal DB2 Problem

Subject: Re: [htdig] Fatal DB2 Problem
From: Chris Wik (
Date: Fri Apr 21 2000 - 13:51:46 PDT

>>DB2 problem...:
>>b: page 1818850921 doesn't exist, create flag not set
>>DB2 problem...: page 365: illegal page type or format
>>DB2 problem...: PANIC: Invalid argument
>These used to be caused by two parts of the code trying to write at
>the same time. I'm assuming nothing else is trying to write to this

I wasn't, but i've solved the problem. for a reason which escapes my
mind at this very moment in time, i had previously killed a htdig
session on that database. trashing the database and starting again
solved my problem, but if you have a large database you might not
want to do this.. my guess is that the database file didn't get
'cleaned up' and that there were some errors in it..

>From your paths, I'm guessing you're running this on MacOS X Server,
>right? If so, what compiler are you using?

Apple Computer, Inc. version cc-783.1, based on gcc version
Although this probably isn't of much relevance as the package came in
binary form.


Chris Wik
ANU Internet Services

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