Re: [htdig] Fatal DB2 Problem

Subject: Re: [htdig] Fatal DB2 Problem
From: Geoff Hutchison (
Date: Wed Apr 19 2000 - 15:51:35 PDT

At 4:28 PM +0100 4/19/00, Chris Wik wrote:
>I found this in your list archives, with no follow-ups:
>>If it actually *died* after this error, then we'd like more information.

There weren't any followups because the person reporting the error
didn't e-mail back. So I don't know if the problem was resolved or

>DB2 problem...:
>b: page 1818850921 doesn't exist, create flag not set
>DB2 problem...: page 365: illegal page type or format
>DB2 problem...: PANIC: Invalid argument
>Any ideas? Where can I find this "create flag" it speaks of? There
>doesn't seem to be anything in the conf files.

No, no. Essentially this is debugging information. In some sense,
you're seeing the database library grind to a halt and getting the
dying screams. :-( The "create flag" is something set when opening
the database so the program can write to it.

These used to be caused by two parts of the code trying to write at
the same time. I'm assuming nothing else is trying to write to this

 From your paths, I'm guessing you're running this on MacOS X Server,
right? If so, what compiler are you using?

-Geoff Hutchison
Williams Students Online

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